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Casa To Chez, Part I

So there have been big changes afoot at Casa Saintcrow. I’ve been hinting at them, fit to drive everyone mad, for, let’s see, four months now? And my blogging has sadly fallen off. It’s not entirely my fault, though.

Because at the hoary old age of thirty-six, finally, despite my ex-husband and the raging impossibility of everything, as well as the fact that I’m basically a freelancer…

…I bought a house.

I bought my very first house. The Casa is now Chez Saintcrow, all-new and improved.

This all started months ago when I went in to see a mortgage broker (and a very fine one, too) and said, “Can I afford to own a house? Do I have any chance of getting a mortgage? I WANT TO MOAN ABOUT MY DRIVEWAY AND ROOF AND I WANT TO LAY AWAKE AT NIGHT THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH I OWE A BANK. HELP ME.”

After he dosed me with chamomile tea and laughed at me (very gently) we started crunching numbers. I’ve been working my ass off for this goal for years. And when the divorce was done and the dust settled, and I finally had some savings and had repaired my credit (because the ex, oh my GOD, but let’s not talk about that now, mmmkay?) and took care of all lingering Bad Issues from Said Divorce…well, I was actually in a pretty good place.

So I prequalified (which was amazing, seeing the amount of money someone would trust me with, but hey I wasn’t going to complain) and then looked up with big eyes and said, “Okay, so…what do I do now?”

“Now,” the broker said, “you find a house.”

“Oh.” I blinked. “That’s it?”

“That’s it. Get a realtor and find a house. And remember…” He fixed me with a steely glare, and I began to feel faint.

Christ, is there more paperwork? “What?”

“Buying your first house is the most stressful thing you’ll ever do.”

“Are you kidding? I have kids.” I laughed and breezed on out of his office, feeling ten feet tall.

I should have listened.

…to be continued…

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Congrats on the new Nest!

Laura Anne

Oh god yes, you should have listened. In fact, I’m pretty sure I told you that, too….

(but, as with all Life Moments, we have to learn on our own. That is a definite flaw that should be reworked in Life 2.2.)

Colleen Champagne

That is big news! Big fat congrats! When I bought my first house I walked around for about 2 weeks telling anyone who would listen, “I am going to puke”.

Now comes the fun ๐Ÿ˜€


So happy for you!! Buying our house was probably one of the single most horrific things I have been through so far in 29 years of living. And that includes the death of a parent and other family members and losing my job twice. But its our now (muahahaha) or will be in another 27 years.

The feeling of “mine” is so wonderful. Relish it!

It’s so ironic that I read this post today. I’ve been desperately trying to buy my first house for 2 months now. (I, too, am a freelancer, which apparently translates as “bad lending risk”, despite my excellent credit rating and healthy savings.) I was supposed to close later this week. This morning I got the news that the evil bastards who were financing the sale are INSANE and won’t give me a loan unless I close ALL my credit card accounts because they think I might use them. I don’t use them much and I always pay off the balance… Read more ยป

Congratulations, As an aside we have bought three houses and sold two over the last 15 years and I must say the selling side of it is a lot more stressful than the buying end :).


Don’t get suckered in on what they WANT to give you. Decide how much you can comfortably spend per month and go with that.

When I bought my condo they wanted to give me TWICE the amount of money I wanted to spend… I can imagine that a lot of people fall for that.


I understand exactly – at the ripe old age of 49 my SO and I finally bought a house. We actually found the house first, online, then went to the mortgage broker to figure out how to afford it. It was stressful, but I wouldn’t give up owning a our own home for anything!

Kristina L.


Only you could put it this way! *snorts*
Congratulations on your first house, may you have many happy years there!

Jean Marie Ward

Congratulations! Buying is certainly stressful, but believe it or not, owning one–even sharing that ownership with the bank–is a surprising source of calm. Best wishes and good juju, to!


As a writer you’ve been a role model for quite some time, but enduring a divorce, pulling your life back together enough to finance a house in these troubled times – then exiting the housing grist mill like a surviving gladiator – I have to raise your status to hero. I cannot imagine what you’re gonna pull off in your next act…

Cheryl Byers

Way to go!! I’m glad it was “good” stress. If that is possible?! I’m curious though, how in the heck did you convince Neo, Romeo and Juliet to move? But seriously a big one.

Cheryl Byers

Oops! I meant big Congratulations to you.


Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear that someone made it.

I just crossed into month three of a short sale purchase process, and the low-grade stress is starting to get to me. If they send me one more disclaimer/acknowledgement/waiver form, I will not be held responsible for my actions. *deep breath*

Enjoy the new digs, you’ve earned it.


Congratulations! Belated, but heartfelt=)