Grumble, grumble

Lightning 1882
Photographer: William N. Jennings, c. 1882 / Foter

Thunderstorms last night, rumble-rumble this morning, and a lovely torrent of rain. Miss B, of course, hates the bloody noise, but as long as she gets to curl up on my bed, she’ll bear it nobly.

I have a ton of proof pages to work through before the day is out. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to do some damn laundry, or visit the grocer’s, or even get some breakfast.

But for right now I’m going to marvel at the lightning, and listen to Ma Nature grumbling in the sky. Apparently she feels the same way I do about proof pages.

Over and out…

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and the rain, which means one doesnt have to go out and water..


i got some good pics of the lightning in that Tstorm