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As Friday the 13ths go, this one hasn’t been too awful.

Oh, there’s been bad news, bloody fingers, a bruise on my heel from God knows what, tripping and going sprawling while running, an incident involving clipping a dog’s nails that Did Not End Well (no blood from the dog, relax) and proof pages landing, the dog trying to eat the UPS man through the window (fortunately, that gentleman is used to us) and a certain amount of emotional upheaval.

So…just like a normal day, except it’s Friday. And I have not managed to get half the things on my to-do list done. As well as the protagonist of the current YA project being a closemouthed nuisance, it’s just been the type of day that one should have spent in bed.

Fortunately, though, the cat did not try to eat my arm this morning, I am not haunted, the weather is not nearly as awful-steamy hot as it has been, I am rereading Stephen King’s IT–hey, it’s a comfort read, don’t look at me like that–and there’s a Rejuvenation catalog to peruse and dream my way through.

Things are looking up.

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Julia Ross
Julia Ross

My Stephen King comfort book is “Insomnia”. I don’t know how many times I’ve read that book!


rereading Stephen King’s IT–

that is one book that should have that “Cant sleep clowns will eat me” sticker on the front of it.