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I’ve been listening to a lot of Cyril Morin lately, since Ennio Morricone and I have grown apart. I’ll come back to Ennio; he’s too good not to. But for the moment I associate him with a great deal of pain.

Moving on! Speaking of music, here’s something on Ravel’s Bolero. (My writing partner sends me the BEST linkies.)

I do have Major News, not book-based but life-based, that I have to sit on until the end of July. Suffice to say I’ve been undergoing one of the biggest life/work changes I’ve ever contemplated. So yes, I’ve been frazzled and worn down lately. Even good changes are packed with stress, and my grace under pressure has been somewhat lacking of late. But I can see the end, it’s on the horizon, and it’s a good thing too. I can put up with almost anything once I know when it’s going to stop. (My divorce ran on the same principle. Oh, memories.)

All that aside, I’m working on the zero draft second Tale of Beauty and Madness. It’s been rough to keep focused while the world’s been burning down around me, and I’m looking forward to returning to some serenity, which will no doubt involve me looking at the pile of work I’ve been avoiding and weeping softly while banging my head on my (very small) desk. I’ve also got Red Plague Affair revisions to handle. At least I finished the zombie-hunting cowboy story before everything imploded.

And now, I trundle forth to get some characters into some trouble.

It’s good to be back.

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so happy for you!

I have been listening to Bags of Rock .. their cover of Bad Romance is amazing.

Jean Marie Ward
Jean Marie Ward

Sending good thoughts for the change and for all the days leading up to it. Hugs.