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Serial Madness

Justice Legg of America
JD Hancock / Foter

So…I am having thoughts of writing serial fiction over at the Deadline Dames site.

And so, I thought I would invite you, darling readers, into the process.

Here’s what I want: something you’d like to see me write in serial fiction. Don’t pitch me your novel. Do please understand that whatever I write, I retain all rights to. (You want to take the idea in another direction, do it, spend the work on it, and submit it. ‘Nuff said.) Do understand that I reserve the right to write what I please. Do please understand that I will take everything you’ve said and go in my own direction. And don’t tell me what a hack I am to even be contemplating this.

With those codicils in place, the floor is open. Let’s do some serial wonder, my dears. Give me your suggestions…

19 thoughts on “Serial Madness”

  1. It sounds like a great idea!! I’d really like to see you write something from the perspective of the bad guy, at least for part of it

  2. An elf, a dwarf and a warlock walk into a bar…no, no wait…’There once was an evil princess and her cyclops minion’…no, no wait…’In a dimension not so far away’. And this is why I am a terrible writer and a wonderful reader. I have little in the way of help but will be anxiously awaiting the outcome. 🙂

  3. I would love more story in the Demon Librarian world.. or in a Library where books returned themselves when due.

    Or perhaps the local dry cleaners that get the business of the kick ass heroine, because you know they got stuff to get out of her favorite clothes!

  4. I am sure you are “been there done that” but honestly I would love to see you expand Selene. It’s one of those stories that I still think about. hmmm weren’t you recently talking about cowboys? Zombies?

  5. How about something supernatural from the perspective of a child? Contrast the fear/uncertainty with the naivety that gets one into trouble in the first place. Less Harry Potter, more Brothers Grimm.

  6. Hi,
    The Strange Angels series is my favourite books of all time, I’ve read my copied to death already!
    Anyway, I have an idea for a sequel: it’s from a point of view of a new svetocha. I have so many ideas for it! (excuse my use of exclamation marks) It could follow a composed, closed-off girl who grew up in New York right under the suckers noses. The twist is that she is suffering from amnesia.
    One night she goes out and after turning a corner that fate brought her to, so does Christophe and a group of his friend as well as a band of nosferatu, consequently, all hell breaks loose.
    She eventually learns of her past and realises that if the other djamphir or Dru knew, they’d kill her. Somehow, she decides to help out as much as possible at the Order before they found out. Starting with the segregation, reforming the council’s system and plenty of back-up ideas.
    Thanks!!! (if for some reason you read all of this, thanks even more!)

  7. Correction:
    *my copies
    *The girl is composed, closed off and cold
    *djamphir werewolves and Dru

    I have plenty more ideas for it, please e-mail me!

    • Hi Molly,

      That sounds more like fanfic than anything I’d do. It sounds like you have a story to tell. Go for it!

  8. I’d like to see a story that has characters that can turn off and on someone’s senses at will. Not that that person would notice. Maybe something else would distract her. And I know that time changes have been done to death but maybe it’d be possible to create an instant fascination for the people around who would miss the vanishing person in something or someone. The vanisher might be able to tell a talented person nearby who is burning to prove himself. Just a couple of ideas.

    In any case, I’d like to say that I laugh and cry with your stories and to thank you.

  9. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like if Springheeled Jack was really employed by Scotland Yard. Could make a heck of a mystery series, a Holmes meets Hellboy meets Pratchett sort of thing.

  10. Another idea I had was based on a vaudville tour. You’d get to include all sorts of acts (as in We Have Talent- the show) and give a reason to keep moving. It could be a planned tour or an unexpected show tour. It’d be a good cover for some main storyline.

  11. How about a story where the MC’s chronology is all screwed up. Instead of living one second in one second, it could take two hours, where as the next two hours could go by in five minutes. How does the MC handle it? Do others notice? Is this a symptom of something greater, or sinister?

  12. I would love anything you choose to write. I don’t have a specific idea but more of a general theme. My suggestion is a more space based science fiction-paranormal. Or something using an asian theme. I love Barry Hugert’s , ” a China that never was, but should have been”. I could totally see you running with an asian myth or cultural quirk!

  13. I have pondered over all of your different stories. I discovered your writing by reading the short story “The Heart Is Always Right. I loved the gargoyle story. There was a lot of interesting elements in that story and it would be fun to have more.
    And probably due to the fact I just read the Romances of Arquitaine, I would love to know more about the R,mini. Maybe about the different places they visit and people they meet on there continuous journeys?

  14. I thought I commented on this, but apparently, I did not. I think it would be cool to have a serialized story told from the point of view of the city itself. The setting could actually be a participant, and could even be the narrator. In this way, the supporting characters could change or stay the same, the time setting could be very flexible, anywhere from the past to the present, to the future.

  15. Write a serial sequel to Steelflower. Please? I’m dying for more of Kaia.

    I second the suggestions for more in the Selene world. I thought Selene was a compelling, interesting character.

    • Unfortunately, Steelflower is the Series E-Piracy Killed. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Kaia’s world anytime soon, which is a shame.

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