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I loved Mr. Rogers. Still do.

I grew up in a..chaotic…environment. Mr. Rogers was like ballet class–there was a pattern, and it was predictable. He always was calm and soft, he never yelled, and the ritual of him putting on his jumper and trainers was so comforting, I cannot even express how much. There is a point for some kids where any predictability is cause for rejoicing.

Which explains why I cried with joy at this bit of autotuning:

You have a garden inside you.

Today I think I’ll do a little weeding. How about you?

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Oh that was way too cool for words! Thank you ever so much for sharing that find, it brought a smile to my morning.

Time for a little gardening! 🙂


Gardens are good.

(I have a tape player like that one… geez, I am old)


Thank you for posting that. It was wonderful to have those memories brought back.