Benevolence And Caves

We hope, we despair.” Both are human. It’s the sterile wasteland between them that kills.

Also, making a book is a long, complicated process. Writing is merely the first stumbling step. (But that first one’s a lulu.)

The most interesting bit of the Random House video for me was hearing the editors talk about how different each writer is. I’m very definitely a “go away into a cave and write the book, don’t bother me, sunlight will kill it before it’s finished” type of writer. I’ll sometimes send little darlings–chunks of text I particularly like–but my editors know that those are only meant to be ooh’d and aah’d over, not critiqued. Critique comes when I hand in the first draft–not the zero, Christ, only my writing partner sees that one. And each editor knows to give me one thing they like about the book first, however small. Then they can rip it to shreds, hell, and breakfast, but I need that one nice thing to sweeten the pill. All in all, the system works pretty well. Though I’m told it’s hard on the editor, waiting for me to emerge blinking from the cave with a manuscript in my palsied hands.

In other news, I had to delete Civ 5 from my computer. I was spending waaaaay too much time playing it. I could do twelve-hour marathons of that game, damn. The thing I liked the most was building a solid cultural and scientific base before getting the Giant Death Robot–and then wreaking vengeance on every civilization that had pissed me off in the meantime. Declare war on me while my cities are weak? Go ahead. Denounce me? Certainly. But once I get my nice solid base (including a dose of ongoing investment in infrastructure) I will go all Conan the Barbarian on your punk-ass country.

Lili the Benevolent Dictator, who will crush you and eat your heart if you don’t obey. Mine is an evil laugh.

And now, time to crawl back into the cave. This Cinderella retelling isn’t going to write itself. (More’s the pity, probably…)

Over and out.

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Any editor who starts out by telling an author what is wrong with their precious child instead of by telling them what is wonderful about it is an editor who (a) doesn’t speak “artist” at all, let alone fluently, and (b) should probably be polishing up their resume and their “do you want fries with that” skills.



Lili the Benevolent Dictator, who will crush you and eat your heart if you don’t obey

…awh I love it when you talk like that… grin,