BANDIT KING is now released!

Tristan d’Arcenne is what he always wished to be–Vianne di Rocancheil’s Consort. But Vianne is no more a mere noblewoman, she is the Queen of Arquitaine, faced with treachery, invasion, war, and a Consort whose secrets may well shatter their marriage. For before Tristan was hers, he belonged to a King…and that King died by Tristan’s hand.

Arquitaine needs them both. The country is locked in a deadly game whose rules change by the moment. The Queen is an adept player, but hardly ruthless enough. The contest requires a man who has nothing to lose, a man who has already done the worst and will continue to do so for his wife, his country, and his own salvation.

The Bandit King approaches…

Now available online!

I’m so excited, dear Readers. I wrote Hedgewitch years upon years ago, and I had to wait (and make several false starts) before I could write Tristan. For one thing, I didn’t like him very much. (I still don’t.) But he kept on bugging me, in the back of my head, showing up at odd moments with that damn smile of his, poking and prodding. Don’t you want to know what happened next? Don’t you want to know why I did what I did?

Damn characters.

Anyway, Readers, let me invite you back into the world of Arquitaine. War-torn and weary, the country needs a Queen, and Vianne is doing her best. But Arquitaine–and Vianne–also need a hero.

Too bad all they have is Tristan.

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I dunno, if he looks like that… I’d be happy to “have” him! *grin*


Yay! It’s out! I’ve been dying to know what’s next ever since I finished The Hedgewitch Queen back in December. Thank you so much for your stories!


(petting my Nook) yesssss…


What a fantastic adventure! So many twists and diabolical plots afoot in the great land of Arquitaine, The unraveling had me on the edge of my seat the entire book, And the ending was very gratifying. Thank you Ms. Saintcrow for another fab creation! =)

Marne O.

Ooo, just bought it! Happy release day Lili!


I saw it was out and bought and read it fairly quickly. I quite enjoyed it and reading about his motivations and plans that he would carry out. Its clear how much he loves her and would do anything for her and how hard she finds that to deal with. Well done all the way.


Squeeeee! Excuse me while I bop on over to the nook store…


Yay! Just finished reading. I hope we hear more from these two characters. I know you said you didn’t like Tristan, but I think he’s a fabulous character, flaws and all.


Great book! it was a wicked read

I was wondering who is the model in the Hedgewitch Queen’s cover. The cover was so pretty that I was compelled to read it and what a great magical journey it has been!

Christine Chamberlain

Thanks for another great read. . . Just finished The Bandit King, downloaded it yesterday afternoon — could not get through it fast enough. I love the way you write, the way your stories come together, etc. etc. etc. Can’t wait to get in to your new series. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chris C.

Lauren Kirsch

The fact that you don’t like him explains sooooo much. This story is such a departure from your other novels. I thought this was one of your more compelling stories and that could be because you had no qualms about putting Tristan through the wringer. As Lois McMaster Bujold says about her process “I take my characters and think to myself: what is the worst possible thing that could happen to them? Then I do that and have to figure a way out of it for them”.

Nona Theriot

Loved the Hedgewitch Queen – the King was much darker but still enjoyable. Great hopeful ending. The Demon Librarian is great too. But my all time fave is Steelflower. Do you plan on doing a continuation? If not – well – I can always re-read – I do anyway!!!LOL