Made me learn a little bit faster,
Made my skin a little bit thicker,
Makes me that much smarter
Thanks for making me…a fighter.

So this is my anthem today:

It kind of sucks when music one loves gets inextricably bound up with someone who betrays you. Now I can’t listen to the Waterboys for a while, or Ennio Morricone. Sucks, because I love Mike Scott, and Morricone is my go-to writing music for certain moods. But there it is, and there’s enough music out there (We have grown apart, music and I…There’s been too much of it, Malach says in the back of my head…) for me to find something else that will work.

I finally was able to run this morning and could sweat off the agony and anger. Now I’m calm, and as happy as possible. The worst is behind, and it will only get better now.

So, what’s your anthem today? Give me some new music, my doves. Lili is listening.

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Everyone should have at least one anthem! Mine can change on a daily basis….some times hourly because I have 2 teenagers. My life is like a giant soundtrack that is constantly growing and very eclectic. Some days i am a Dancing Queen with Abba and other days I’m Jammin’ with Ziggy. Music has power to open a wound, then heal it. It can inspire or enrage. But it all comes back to writing. If the song writer doesn’t sit down and put words on paper then add music we have no songs. I’m glad you feel like a fighter. I… Read more »

Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L

Josh Ritter’s song Mind’s Eye. Has a definite Western, lone wolf, gunslinger feel. (Reminds me so much of Jill.)