Interesting Awakenings

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I’d forgotten what it was like to get up every hour or two during the night with a small mammal desperately needing one’s help.

Well, to be honest, I hadn’t quite. One doesn’t forget things like that, they remain burned into one’s brain and nervous system. It makes for interesting awakenings–one finds oneself halfway across the room, clothes on and reflexes primed, before becoming fully conscious. Or one surfaces in the backyard, ankle-deep in dew-wet grass, blinking and holding a leash.

After a while, you might as well just stay up and write.

Anyway. Yesterday evening, thanks in no little part to Code Boy, who pitched in for sick-animal care so I could fall into the story and stay there for a long while, I finished the first draft of the second Bannon & Clare book, The Red Plague Affair. It starts with poison, sewage, and cardiac arrest; it ends with whistling. In between is plague, blood, murder, Mending, a mass grave, and the Moriarty to Clare’s Sherlock (in an homage-y sort of way). And more!

It’s resting safely with my editor, agent, and faithful trusty beta reader.And now I’m in the snapback phase, which means I should be working on the second in the Tales of Beauty and Madness

…but instead, I’m doing laundry, ministering to the sick mammals, and thinking it would be awesome if I could kill some pixels, and kill ’em good. WoW probably isn’t the best use of my time today, but dammit, I need a break.

Over and out.

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Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti

I gave up on World of Warcraft because nothing you do there has any lasting effect. No matter how many bosses you kill (or how many times you kill them), they won’t stay dead.

It’s too much like editing my work in progress.


hope your small mammal is better tonight… so go and obliviate some pixels..

Kristina L.
Kristina L.

After having your sleep interrupted so many times, killing pixels would probably be a better idea than writing. Less mess to have to clean up afterward.