Terror and Reading

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So on Monday I was at McMenamin’s Kennedy School, where I hosted Ted Kosmatka and Shanna Germain for the SFWA’s Pacific Northwest Reading Series. It was a lovely event–thanks go out to Mary Robinette Kowal (who put the first sentence of her new book on my right breast) and David Levine, as well as Mark Nieman-Ross (who was disappointed I didn’t finish my salad, but glad I didn’t vomit from terror) and the lovely folk at Wrigley-Cross Books, who had copies on hand for signing and purchasing. (Hint: they also have event-signed copies for sale through their website.)

The readings were fantastic. Ted read from his new release, The Games, and let me tell you, the birth sequence? Creeptastic. Then the ever-lovely Shanna knocked it out of the park with the first half of a short story featuring rats, a pipe, and twins. *shudders gleefully* I am waiting for the end of the story to be posted on her website, because I need to know what happens next.

I ended up reading from my upcoming Bannon & Clare novel, The Iron Wyrm Affair. Despite being terrified enough to almost pass out (yes, really, Jay, I am that scared of public speaking) I think I might have done an okay job. Certainly nobody threw any rotten plant matter at me.

After the reading, there was a general move for the bar, but I had to (TMI) attend to my fluid balance. It was then I discovered two things: the loos at the Kennedy School are haunted, and a text from the Princess telling me a Duct Tape Emergency had transpired and my presence was required at home. Which meant, of course, I scrambled out the door. Ghosts are One Thing (yawn) but duct tape is Quite Another. I made it home in time to find the emergency had passed and one-half of my sleepy children slumbering peacefully, the other half drowsy and proud of herself for Dealing With It.


So that was my Evening Of Leaving The House, OMG! I rather think it went well. And to all the fans and readers who came out to support us: thank you! You are who we’re writing for.

Now it’s time to go recover…

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Ah shoot ! I just missed it ! And I’ve been using Write or Die for more than a year now, perhpas two. If only I knew earlier =C ! I share your awesome WorD on facebook and Google+. I’m just sad I missed it !

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