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I suppose it’s odd for a dyed-in-the-wool pagan heathen such as myself to read Slacktivist so closely. But I have to admit, he appears to be of my party without knowing it–or, just maybe, I’m of his without knowing it either. Either way, I’d like to knock back a glass or two with the fellow:

Well, actually, “favorite” is the wrong word. It’s not that I like this day so much as that I understand it. It’s recognizable, familiar, lived-in.

This day, the Saturday that can’t know if there will ever be a Sunday, is the day we live in, you and I, today and every day for the whole of our lives. This is all we are given to know.

Easter Sunday? That’s tomorrow, the day after today. We’ll never get there in time. We can believe in Easter Sunday, but we can’t be sure. We can’t know for sure. We can’t know until we’re out of time.

Here, in time, there’s just this day, this dreadful Saturday of not knowing. (Slacktivist)

We live all our lives in the Saturday of not knowing, and the only light in our darkness is the hope of something better, whether it is built on our children, our work, or our sacrifice.

What stands out, ultimately, and whether you believe in the Resurrection or not, or think the whole thing is a bunch of hooey imported from the Egyptian mystery cults or somewhere, is that, in the story of Easter week, unreasoning authority loses. (Charles P. Pierce)

It’s nice to believe that unreasoning authority loses. Especially since I’m reading about Stalinist Russia at the moment.

Anyway, let me greet you on this day, a festival of fertility, spring, resurrection, of unreasoning authority losing and the boot grinding into the face of humanity being forced away for a few precious seconds. I greet you, wherever you are and whoever you are, whenever you are reading these words, to say:

I believe that understanding brings compassion. I believe that we are getting better. I believe that there is always a spring after winter’s death. I believe my love for my children will somehow help. I believe humanity is largely noble, in its own unremarkable way, and will learn to be more so. I believe in good news, and in sappy things like redemption and love and people caring about each other. I believe that blood shed will someday be shown to be worth the pain, and that by quietly being as decent as possible on a daily basis will make some sort of difference. I believe, and I have absolute faith, in the power of art to redeem where necessary and to transform everywhere.

Last but not least, whoever and wherever you are, I have faith in you. If you have been looking for a moment when someone believes in you, look no further. It is here, now. Grab it and use it, for all it’s worth. You have permission, commission, absolution, redemption, and any other -tion you may require, right fucking now.

Now let’s go kick some compassionate ass, huh?

Over and out.

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