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Red Plague Zero

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So yesterday, in a blaze of something suspiciously like glory, I finished the zero draft[1] of the next Bannon & Clare, The Red Plague Affair. There are holes and sloppy bits and it needs serious atmosphere poured into the chinks between dialogue and action, but it’s done. It is no longer a terrible unfinished book.

Which means that today will be spent collapsed on the floor and drooling, while my throbbing head (seriously, the zero clocks in at 60K words, 8 of which forced their way through my tender cranium yesterday in a skidding slide for the finish) slowly cools. I may take myself to lunch somewhere, if the annoyance of driving doesn’t seem an insurmountable difficulty. I have to power-wash the inside of my skull today, for tomorrow I go back to line-edits on the all-new YA. I suppose I should talk about that…

…but not quite yet. I have a breakfast to accomplish, a schoolbus to get the Little Prince on, and some drooling to do. Oh, the glory of this writing life.

Over and out.

[1]The “zero draft” is the initial finished corpse of a story. It’s not perfect, it’s messy as hell, but it’s DONE. It gets set aside to rest for two weeks to a month, then I go back and revise it to make it a “first” draft that someone else–my beta or my editor–can read.

3 thoughts on “Red Plague Zero”

  1. I have to power-wash the inside of my skull today,

    now I have this author info-mmercial playing in my head where you are holding up this Authors Skull Washer! a must need for every authors desk.. small, lightweight and portable! You get two if you order NOW!

  2. Speaking of productivity, think of my litlte list of Things To Do:1. Go to full-time job. (9 to 5, but effectively Wake-Up Time until 5:30 home time)2. Finish PhD during evenings by borrowing time from family. (anywhere between 5:30 and 10:30pm, but only when Mele is feeling brave enough to entertain the child until bed time and I have mustered the extreme energy to Be Smart And Scholarly two hours maximum)3. Carry on with promising writing career! (During dreams, lunch break and shortly after monthly meetings with fellow Phd students who are all doing much better than I).

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

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