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Tuesdays Don’t Deserve That (Xip)

I dropped the Princess off at school this morning. “We should just shoot Mondays,” I said, staring at the demolition-derby that is the middle-school parking lot in the morning.

“Then,” she replied gravely, “everyone would just hate Tuesdays. And Tuesday doesn’t deserve that.”

I love that kid.

Hi! Good morning. Have some Storyville streetwalkers, photographed by the guy they based Pretty Baby on. Also, have a note on creativity as a skill.

I had a good weekend. It involved wine, cooking for various people, and a Sunday sleepily spent watching people play video games, then eating chocolate almond clusters and toddling to bed early. I even remembered to set my clocks forward (well, “remembered” might be too strong a word; “my writing partner reminded me eight times” might be more like it) and found out that I’m out of batteries for my Wall o’Cat Clox. Which reminds me, I have to look for another one–there’s a bare spot on aforementioned wall.

So, yeah. My Monday is gray, I’m scattered and head-stuffed with an approaching cold (my children love me and like to give me things) and I have no idea what Bannon has planned next in The Red Plague Affair. Guess I’m just going to have to write and see.

*yawn* I’m on that. But first, some cat clocks…

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Glad to hear things are calm-ish around your house. My Monday is fairly grey, too, with the sun peeking through now and again just enough to keep things from being dismal.


I’m out of batteries for my Wall o’Cat Clox.

..being so close to Spring, you would think anything Cat would be hyper..

Miss Bliss

She’s right you know, Tuesdays don’t deserve that at all. She’s hilarious.


No, Mondays have a special evil that other days don’t have. I mean, my work week starts on Sunday, and other than the fact that I have to get up and face the day (I would be happiest, like a cat, to sleep 16 hours a day and nap in the other 8 ) Sunday is fine. Monday is still the worst day of the week.


That smiley face should be a #8 followed by the closing parenthesis.


i think the Mamas and the Papas said it best:

“Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time”

the Princess is correct, however. Tuesdays don’t deserve the bum rap that Mondays have always gotten. unless, of course, Tuesday involves jury duty followed by a dentist appointment…blech.