How We Get Caught

Am home in a house full of flu and stomach flu this morning, so…yeah. This is just going to be a drive-by post. But a useful one.

Captain Awkward this morning had a question:

Why don’t our jerkbrains understand that the reward for staying in a terrible job is More Bad Job? (CAwkward)

Which made me think, again of Issendai’s marvelous posts on sick systems and why we stay in them. It’s amazing how easy it is to tire a human being out and get them to maintain their own slavery. Anyone can be broken, and it doesn’t even take pain to do it. It just takes exhaustion, and your victim possessing a few noble qualities.

Also, Captain Awkward’s column is some damn fine readin’. You’re welcome.

Off I go to clean things up one more time…

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Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti

I’ve never taken any job that I didn’t need to survive. Good enough reason?


In this economy, you need to have another job before you can leave your current job, if you are even lucky enough to have a current job. This is especially true for recent college graduates with a degree and little to no work experience. But I agree if you have a job you hate, KEEP LOOKING. I remember your blog post from New Year’s where you talked about your resolutions and one of them was writing the Steelflower sequel. I had bookmarked it and used to reread that post when I needed a boost after a bad day. Do you… Read more »