Sunday at Ikea

We stood there, a crowded Ikea throbbing behind us, for about twenty seconds. Then, I breathed, “Oh, my GOD,” and we looked at each other, in perfect accord.

“It’s…” He shook his head, obviously lost for words.

“It’s like all my childhood cartoons come to life,” I supplied, helpfully.

“Yeah.” He assesses the crowd with a quick glance over his shoulder. “Damn. It’s behind glass.”

“My hands are full.” I stare for another few seconds. “Take a picture.”

“…you know, I thought you were gonna tell me to break the glass and take it. And I would have met you in the parking lot.”

A giggle escapes me. “I don’t want to get arrested, or come up with bail money. Next time.”

“You’d come up with bail money?”

“I’d feel responsible. Take a picture!”

“Okay, okay…”

That was my Sunday at Ikea. It was GREAT.

Now it’s Monday, I’ve got a ton of work to catch up on since I spent the weekend getting the site restored (and finding out I’m missing my Sports Bra of DOOM post, which saddens me) and tearing my hair out over importing what I could save. (I never in a BILLION years thought I would use LJ as a backup. This is me, shaking my head.) So yeah, this makes twice the site has cratered…but now I have twice-daily backups running. NEVER AGAIN. It only took twice, right? I’m not a complete dolt.

So I finally get back to The Red Plague Affair and kill that sodding monkey, which was left in purgatory over the weekend. I feel sorry for the little beast, but it has to die. If I work like a demon for a couple days I should get back on track. Unless some damn thing ELSE happens. *shrugs* I’m ready. But I tell you, if something does happen…

…we might need that bail money after all.

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Oh noes! I still remember the Sports Bra of DOOM post: it was epic! 😀


Was this Code Boy with you at Ikea? And did you ever find out what the hell that thing was for?