Sunday at Ikea

We stood there, a crowded Ikea throbbing behind us, for about twenty seconds. Then, I breathed, “Oh, my GOD,” and we looked at each other, in perfect accord.

“It’s…” He shook his head, obviously lost for words.

“It’s like all my childhood cartoons come to life,” I supplied, helpfully.

“Yeah.” He assesses the crowd with a quick glance over his shoulder. “Damn. It’s behind glass.”

“My hands are full.” I stare for another few seconds. “Take a picture.”

“…you know, I thought you were gonna tell me to break the glass and take it. And I would have met you in the parking lot.”

A giggle escapes me. “I don’t want to get arrested, or come up with bail money. Next time.”

“You’d come up with bail money?”

“I’d feel responsible. Take a picture!”

“Okay, okay…”

That was my Sunday at Ikea. It was GREAT.

Now it’s Monday, I’ve got a ton of work to catch up on since I spent the weekend getting the site restored (and finding out I’m missing my Sports Bra of DOOM post, which saddens me) and tearing my hair out over importing what I could save. (I never in a BILLION years thought I would use LJ as a backup. This is me, shaking my head.) So yeah, this makes twice the site has cratered…but now I have twice-daily backups running. NEVER AGAIN. It only took twice, right? I’m not a complete dolt.

So I finally get back to The Red Plague Affair and kill that sodding monkey, which was left in purgatory over the weekend. I feel sorry for the little beast, but it has to die. If I work like a demon for a couple days I should get back on track. Unless some damn thing ELSE happens. *shrugs* I’m ready. But I tell you, if something does happen…

…we might need that bail money after all.

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Oh noes! I still remember the Sports Bra of DOOM post: it was epic! 😀


Was this Code Boy with you at Ikea? And did you ever find out what the hell that thing was for?


Yep, Code Boy. And it was for the fireplug outside the emergency exit.

But we had fun riffing on the….possible uses of such an implement. He’s creative that way.