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Hand me the machete, darling.

Well. So, my site got hacked. It was up briefly…then down again. And now it’s up to stay…but I’ve lost everything before December ’09.

That’s okay, really. *sigh* I’m sure I can recreate any writing advice I had lying about. I’ve spent the day re-organizing and cleaning up categories and tags, and figuring out the skin to use in the theme, and all that sort of stuff. Plus, the Books pages. All over again. *headdesk*

Anyway. What a first-world problem to have, right? There is a silver lining–this means that the site redesign in mid-March will have a nice fresh slate to work with. Until then, please pardon the dust and the mess while I get everything situated just so.

ETA: If the site isn’t showing up right for you, pop me a line or comment and let me know. I can’t fix what I don’t know about, dahlinks.

Over and out…

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If you're willing to cut-and-paste your way through Doomsday, the Internet Archive has been keeping track of your site for some time. Head over here and click around to whatever you need:

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Crystal Byrne

Aww, hugs Lili! Don’t forget about the wayback machine. It won’t have everything, but at least some will be backed up. Your site has been my number one goto for writing advice.*/ht



I searched up your site and found it hacked and wracked, which left me sad because I never saw it in it’s full glory.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your writing style and the worlds you create !

I wanted to ask you if you still planned on continuing with the ‘steelflower’-trilogy, because I love the book, but you seem quite busy, haha.

Well, good luck with your sites and life and writing, hope to read a good read from you in the future !

greetz, Ry

Samantha Pierce

I am still not getting the website. When I type in I get something that says Index of / …. not sure if I am doing something wrong. I got here through googling and picking random pages that showed up


I’m glad you were able to save what you could, and I’m glad about the archived posts. I head over here when I need kick-in-the-pants writing advice (you and Chuck Wendig) and I would hate to loose that and the Squirrel Terror stories.


Sorry to hear it Lili, will the forum be back or are you letting it lie?