Great Fields of Catnip

I know I promised Squirrel!Neo. Unfortunately, I can’t keep that promise.

I lost two good friends today. Cranky Duck Cat, who was well over 12, and Sweet Tuxedo Kitty, who was no spring chicken either, have been having increasing health problems. Today they absconded to the Great Fields of Catnip, where the hamsters are made of that cheese Cranky Duck loved but wasn’t allowed to have anymore but now he can have all he wants, where the trees all dangle little happy toys and bits of yarn for Sweet Tuxedo to chase, where Cranky Duck will receive a new pair of ears and Sweet Tuxedo will no longer have sprung gaskets. There are sunny windowsills and warm laps aplenty, and scratches just behind the ears or under the chin where they liked them best.

They went, finally, easily and painlessly, and they were together as they would have wanted. God knows they were like an old married couple, and grew increasingly cranky and increasingly fond of each other in equal measure.

I am devastated and the Prince and Princess are incredibly sad. Cranky Duck was, after all, pretty much as old as the Princess. They were fixtures of our lives for many years. They were both half-feral rescues, and had commensurate health problems. Despite many mishaps (after all, it was Sweet Tuxedo who was kicked in the head by a Certain Squirrel) they were loving creatures. I love them both, and I am at least glad they are resting comfortably.

Comments are closed because I can’t bear even condolences right now. I know I will feel better in a while, but right now I can’t do it. Thank you.

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