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Convention Fun, Day One

So we made it to Spokane for SpoCon. The trip was not without its hazards, including one episode of carsickness (thank the gods for all-wheel drive; when one ends up in the construction gravel on the side of a road going up the Gorge it’s nice to know one’s trip isn’t over.) that a pair of bemused survey guys from the county curiously watched me clean up after, lunch at the weirdest Subway on earth (don’t ask) and Spokane desperately trying to keep me from entering its environs. (Oh, I90, you gave it a good go, but I’m more determined AND tougher than you, m’dear.) So here we are. The kids enjoy hotel television (Looney Tunes! In the wild! OMG!) and my first panel starts at 2:30pm.

For those of you wondering, my con schedule is here. Expect live-Tweeting and shenanigans. (They do have a bar here. I’ve checked.)


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