Powells Pwnage, May ’11 Edition

Holy moly, was last night intense. As usual, Peter H. and Milo and the rest of the crew at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s made everything run smoothly, and the crowd was amazing! (Special thanks to my inimitable writing partner, who did the driving for me.) Ilona and Gordon were Fabulous with a capital Fab, and Dame Devon was, as usual, gracious, prepared, supportive, and just all-around fantastic. I was not arrested or thrown out. Everyone wins!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Lili, shut up and get to the damn pictures. Okay.

Ilona and Gordon taking dictation from Gilbert, the Zombie Gnome. (Just kidding. They’re signing.) You can also see Peter H. the Magnificent, and a writer who shall remain nameless.

More signing! This went on for a while. Guess why.

THIS is why. Holy Jehosaphat.

Gilbert approves of the signage.

Stone the Gargoyle, however, was busy hanging with the ladies.

Author feet! Guess who's who!

Gordon's hard at work, I'm busy playing paparazzi.

Of course, we all know Gilbert was the real star of the show.

That gargoyle is quite a ladies' man!

On to the event!

The crowd was humungous.

"Everyone who does NOT want to be on Twitter, cover your face!"

This is the least terrified I looked all night. (Hi, Flinx!)


You can see, in the middle of the crush there, Ilona hard at work signing.

And it's not an event without Evil Cupcakes from Dina James!

More photos are probably forthcoming, once Ilona and Gordon recover. We closed down Powell’s (kind of like closing down a bar, but infinitely cooler). ALSO, there is a lucky winner of the RECKONING contest, who I will announce tomorrow! (Hopefully I’ll have those extra photos to add, too.) So we all stumbled home, covered in tinsel, utterly worn-out but wearing huge goofy grins.

Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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