Questions, Questions

I’ve been receiving a deluge of questions lately, some of which I can answer in the upcoming podcast (still hard at work on that, in between Other Stuff) and some I can just answer here.

* Are you going to be at X convention? Or, when will you visit my town? Unfortunately, I don’t travel much. This is not solely because I do not wish to be pawed by a stranger, though that is a consideration. A more compelling consideration is that my kids are not at an age where I can leave them for overnight trips, childcare is expensive, and I can’t afford multiple trips for all of us either. So, for the time being, I am extraordinarily limited in the conventions or signings I can attend. This may change in the future–I wish I could travel and see you, dear Reader–and when it does, I’ll let you know.

If you would like to get a book signed by me, there is a way to do it! Just contact Cover to Cover Books. They can ship signed copies of anything out on the shelves; their shipping is quite reasonable. C2C has sent signed copies of books to the Philippines, Australia, Britain, and numerous other places. Plus, they’re indie.

* Is there an excerpt from Defiance yet? You bet. It’s right here, courtesy of the fine folks at Penguin AU.

* Who is the model on the cover of the Strange Angels books? I don’t know. Authors generally have very little (read: no) control over their covers. I don’t know the model’s name, who she works for, or what kind of sandwiches she likes. All I know is that she was a professional model we picked out of a laydown–there were three choices, and I think the other two were blonde, so they weren’t Dru, and that was it. If you like the covers, tell the good folks at Razorbill. They’ll be happy to hear your feedback.

* Can you send me an ARC for review? I hate to break it to you, but I only get ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) for the first book in any series, and even then I generally only get one or two for my reference shelf. If you want to get on a publisher’s review list, go to the publisher’s website and find a link for their marketing/press department, and make your case to them. I can’t get free books sent to you.

* Can I interview you? I try to respond to all interview requests. Sometimes they fall through the cracks–if you don’t hear from me within a week, ping me again! I get 50-100 emails a day just through my website alone; unfortunately I can’t answer all of them and sometimes an interview request will get buried under the landslide.

There are more, but I think that’s about it for today. I am itching to get back to the gryphon stables and get my characters in some more trouble. Plus, the next scene involves capacitors. BIG FUN. I am actually wriggling with delight while writing this book, it’s amazing.

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