The sun is coming through mist this morning, everything covered with a fine golden haze. This appears to be frightening the squirrels, who are unused to such bright light at this point in the morning. I could swear I saw one half-grown tree-rodent shake his fist at the big yellow thing rising in the sky, chittering a stream of abuse.

I sympathized.

News! I am happy to report that a number of my paranormal romances–the Watcher series, the Society series, and the Demon’s Librarian–are now available through Kindle. I’m told that Nook versions are forthcoming as well, and I’ll announce those as soon as they happen. Very exciting!

Plans are in place for another podcast! If you’d like to submit a question, use the link on this page.

Things I have to do today include: some interviews (I am shamefully behind); cleaning my car and seeing just how adult and patient I can be (more on that later); on a related note, trying to explain how a squirrel did that to my windshield (no, trust me, you don’t want to know) to complete strangers; finishing (hopefully) revisions on Reckoning; folding laundry; and cleaning up the glitter and confetti that resulted from a houseful of teenage girls I unwisely fed soda, Doritos, and chocolate to. My dance card’s full. Out of all of this, it’s the explanation I dread most. There’s nothing quite like the look someone gives you when you try to explain about ninja squirrel surfers to make one feel a little less than sane.

Over and out…

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