From Hives To Cabana Boys

I’m starting out the week with hives. Actually, they started yesterday. I think I’m allergic to becoming vertical and achieving waking consciousness, since that’s when they happen. Solution: stay in bed all day. (BRILLIANT!) Only I can’t. (Bummer.) Besides, today I need to get two characters out of the Wark and separated, and introduce An Adventurer into the tale. That will be too much fun for me to stay away. I am literally chortling every time I think about this particular character’s entrance.

Here’s Courtney Milan on 99-cent ebooks:

Now, I don’t deny that books are imperfect substitutes for each other. And I don’t deny that this results in price competition. But as a general rule, the better the author, the harder it is to find a good old-fashioned economic substitute for her. Conversely, the worse the author, the easier it is to substitute. It’s really easy to bore people. It’s hard to entertain them. And the authors who can make you laugh consistently–or keep you on the edge of your seat–or have you reaching for your hankie–you know they are not interchangeable. (Courtney Milan)

The underlying assumption in the “race to the bottom” plenty of analyses of e-publishing are based on is that books are interchangeable units, which may be so for some (very limited) statistical purposes but is definitely NOT so for most statistical purposes, or in practical reality. This core assumption raises its ugly head in a number of ways, but most often (and most maddening) when non-professionals lecture writers about e-publishing. If I had a dime for every time someone not in the industry tried to “school” me with fuzzy illogic based on this assumption, I wouldn’t have to write. I’d be relaxing on a beach somewhere with the cabana boy rubbing my feet.

Anyway. That’s a rant for another day.

Spring proceeds apace, with new projects, trees just beginning to bloom, and the Scotch broom down the street sending up its yellow flags. The usual storms are coming through, the usual restlessness taking hold. I have itchy wandering feet, and it’s not just because of the hives.

See you around.

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