So, it’s the Monday after New Year’s. Which means the kids are back in school, the house is quiet…and I had to get up at an ungodly hour to get my morning run out of the way before embarking on a chaotic mix of errands and writing that is my day today. I think, perhaps, the problem is that I’m not running enough–I put in six and a half miles this morning, with no nosebleed.

Yeah, we’ll put that in the “things you didn’t want to know” column.

I’m a little nervous about tomorrow, even though there’s really nothing I need to do except sign a paper and wait for the news. *crosses fingers* Anyway.

I’ve got the new Duffy CD in, and I have to say, when she’s belting out angry she’s much better than this pop stuff they’re trying to get her to sing. She’s like Amy Winehouse without the trainwreck; but also without that razor edge. All in all, eh. I’ll stick to the Rockferry album.

It’s taken me about a half-hour to write this, because other things keep popping up and I keep bashing them on the head. My days are an endlessly-revolving parade of Whack-A-Mole. Who knew going back to work would be this much fun? Hopefully I’ll be less scattered tomorrow.

There’s always hope.

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