Done, Over, Finito, End


Regular readers will have noticed that certain things haven’t been mentioned here at Casa Saintcrow for a couple years. They will also have noticed that for the last year or so I’ve been working pretty hard on some personal, private stuff, and that I’ve largely retreated from talking about any aspect of my life that isn’t “professional” or “worth a good belly laugh but in the end, not very revealing”. (Yes, SquirrelTerror, I’m looking at you.) My level of stress has been abominable, but I haven’t felt comfortable talking about it until certain things happened. Now I can finally say out loud now the Reason For All That.

My divorce is now, just this week, final. I am no longer married to the man I spent over a decade with. The split is basically amicable, but the legal aspects of the divorce dragged for nigh on two years. Which was extraordinarily stressful, for a variety of reasons I am not going to go into. The important thing is, it’s finally irrevocably done.

This doesn’t change a lot about my day to day life. I have essentially been a single mother for a very long time, well before the initial separation. This just makes it official, so to speak, but it doesn’t change the routine I’ve built up over the years. Tomorrow I will still get up at five, run some ungodly number of miles, get my kids off to school, and write, lo even unto the breaking of the world or the summer vacation or the easing of deadlines. Whichever happens first.

This event does, however, largely relieve me of a crushing emotional burden and a great deal of worry and care. It frees up all that energy for me to use on other things. It also means I can be a little more open here, and that I may have the energy to interact more with the world at large again. In a little while. Once I’ve passed through the emotional decompression and it finally sinks in that it’s over and done with.

I want to thank everyone who’s been supportive of me through all this, and also thank those who deluged me with support right after the initial separation. I clammed up right after that, and I know many of you…wondered. Thank you for caring, and thank you for being so concerned for my well-being. And thank you to the people who didn’t know they were being supportive, but who sensed I was in pain and offered to help. I appreciate it more than you can know, even if I didn’t respond much at the time. Thank you very much.

That about covers it. Comments on this post tightly moderated, for obvious reasons.

Over and out.

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