Superman Shirt Does Plumbing

When last you saw me, dear Readers, I was wearing my Superman shirt, invoking the patron saint of plumbers and hoping I’d done all the sacrifices correctly. Either that or your prayers on my behalf must’ve done it, because get this: I made one trip to Home Depot. One. There was even a gentleman working in the aisle I needed, who kindly reassured me that I’d picked out the right parts. (It helped that I had the old parts, wrenched out from under the sink and clutched like a Grail in my hot little hands.) I just matched up the parts and voila! It didn’t even cost more than six bucks.

I was a little taken aback by this, but I went home, did the Sacred Plumbing Dance, performed more sacrifices, and got down to work.

Twenty minutes and one mild cursing session later, I was done replacing the J-bend. (It went a lot easier once I put the washer on first.) I didn’t even need the pipe wrench or the channel locks I had set out. God bless PVC pipe, I guess. I tightened everything up, then sent a tentative victory email to the Selkie. She had me fill the sink and drain it all at once, and…

…the J-bend held. Dry as a bone. It remained dry all through a dishwasher cycle too.

One trip to Home Depot. Six bucks. One cursing session. I am a little taken aback that it was so simple. I held myself braced for catastrophic plumbing failure all day, but so far everything’s held.

That was all before 10AM, too. I also went climbing and beat the snot out of a purple 5.9 route that is referred to, lovingly or in tones of despair, as “Manic Depression” because it zigs to the left, zags to the right, stand up sit down fight fight fight. In other words, it’s a real bitch, and I didn’t do too bad for my first attempt–if I hadn’t already done six climbs before it I would have spanked it instead of just getting to the last panel and a half. Still, I did well.

The day just kept getting better. I kept waiting for plumbing failure, and it didn’t happen. I am cautiously beginning to relax. I am also now going to keep my Superman shirt in reserve, for whenever I need a little extra oomph to get through the day.

I saw a Green Lantern shirt at Target, too. This could be the start of something good.

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