Weekend Thanks

Last weekend’s events were spectacular. I was at the Auburn Public Library on Saturday, and on Sunday I had the great pleasure of participating in the SF/F Authorfest at the Cedar Hill Crossing Powell’s. (Here’s me, exhausted but happy, at the Authorfest! Nina Kiriki Hoffman chronicled the night.) Plus I got to stay overnight in Seattle with my adorable sisters, who fed me crepes and waffles and cupcakes and other good things.

Special thanks go to: Ally (keep writing!), Kev (thanks for coming out!), my sisters (the usual), the Princess and Little Prince for being absolute troupers, Robin and Rachel at the Auburn library for being stellar, and “Saint” Peter Honigstock at Cedar Hills Crossing for just plain being fabulous and logistically incomparable. And, of course, to all the fans who came out to say hello! It was OryCon weekend, and the 501st was out in force too. Much fun was had by all.

It’s taken me this long to slow down long enough for a blog post. There are many rumblings and stirrings, and I’m fighting off a cold with saltwater gargles, ginger drink, and sheer force of will. I do have more Squirrel!Terror for you–tune in tomorrow for the Ballad of the Burial of the Headless Squirrel. (Relax, it’s not Neo. That little three-legged fuzzy-arsed barstid has some pep in him yet.) And I need a new squirrelproof birdfeeder. But more about that later.

Over and out.

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