Five Things Make a Post

Because today is the sort of day that has me running around and screaming with my hair on fire. Well, maybe not that bad. It’s just a day of changes, and human beings are tend not to be big fans of change.

* Chuck Wendig, on ending myths that poison the writer’s life. My favorite part:

Whatever asshole said that thing about work (or genius) being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration should probably be punched in the face for giving advice that rhymes because, pshhh, c’mon. Rhyming? Really? Still, he’s right. You want to write a book, then learn that the prevailing feeling is one of frustration. In writing a novel you will feel wayward and weird just as often as you feel energized and excited. Your book does not thrive on inspiration. Your book is born only of work.

Your book thrives on your ass finishing the job.

Stop chasing that dragon.

You do not work for the Muse. She works for you. Chain her to the pole and make her dance. (Chuck Wendig)

* Cooks Source gave a sort of halfass apology. John Scalzi gave the apology a D+, and I agree.

* I’m going to get gross for a second. I’m having nosebleeds at the ends of my six-mile runs. WTF? It’s not dry air–this is the Pacific Northwest. You can grow mushrooms between your toes. It also isn’t low iron–at least, it shouldn’t be, what with the supplements I’m taking. Anyone out there ever had anything like this?

* I need to stop burning vanilla-caramel candles, even though I love them. They make me very hungry for cake or cookies. Hopefully the mint chocolate candle will be better. (I am not thinking it will be, though.) On the good side, taking a deep breath and thinking about cake is a nice thing. And while I’m putting together a short story structure inside my head, cake is far from the worst random thought to have.

* An unknown missile launch off the coast of California. As in, seriously, we don’t know what the hell is going on, or we’re saying we don’t. This distresses me a little, for obvious reasons. (ETA: Might just be a contrail. Thanks, Pyris!)

Anyway, that’s five for today. Now I’m going to pull up my comfy socks, grab another coffee-and-caramel-Baileys, and get serious.

Over and out.

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