Hyperactive Monkey Day

I’ve been amazingly productive–the second draft of Defiance is now resting with the editor, and I’m doing cleanup on the 5th Dru book and getting wordcount in on Jill Kismet, flipping back and forth like a hyperactive monkey. Plus I’ve upped my mileage, cleaned the kitchen, and picked up a few things that will make living in this house easier. All before 2pm.

Either I am going to set a new personal record for Most Things Accomplished In Twelve Hours, or I’m going to hit the slump between 3-4PM and suddenly find myself on the couch, drooling, with absolutely no energy left to do anything.

But while I’ve got it, I’m heading for the horizon. And what’s that in my inbox? Oh, look. An invitation to more work.

The Universe is being kind to me today. *snort*

Cover me, I’m going in.

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