Slow And Steady

Wow. Are we really just a week and change away from the Jealousy release? How time flies. Seriously, it seems like just a couple weeks ago I was finishing the first book in the series and gnashing my teeth wondering if I could pull the second one off the way I wanted to.

It’s a gray morning, and there’s a lot of work ahead of me. Which is the way I like it, and the way I like it. I like summer just fine, but the 90-100+ weather we had last year really put a dent in me. A nice cloudy morning and a sunny afternoon is just about perfect, and my garden agrees.

So, today there’s an essay to put the finishing touches on, one book to do a final revision pass on, another book to start the revision letter of a first draft on, and all-new wordcount on yet another book to grind out…you know, when I list it like that, it sounds almost doable.

Not long ago, at the Night of Powell’s Pwnage, someone asked how working writers prioritize the different tasks. I believe it was Devon Monk who first laughed and said, “Pure panic.” Which we all agreed with. There’s a certain component of triage any time you have more than one iron in the fire.

Anyway, off I go to get started. My stomach feels a little bruised and tender, and I’m pretty tired from one of the more, shall we say, exciting nights I’ve had in a while (the verdict is a mild stomach flu, not food poisoning, thank goodness) and I can’t seem to take in enough caffeine for my eyelids to prop themselves consistently wide enough. It’s a day for making a list and getting everything done in very small chunks.

Wish me luck.

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