Independent Chains

The smoke has cleared and everyone I see looks like they have a hangover. Yes, the Fourth is over.

I spent Independence Day down at Fort Vancouver with the kids. There were vendors, stages, all sorts of booths, enough greasy food to make all of us gleefully sick, and the old fort itself was a wonderland for the little ones. The blacksmith’s shop was the hit of the day, with the carpenter’s shop a close second. I particularly enjoyed the guy in the carpenter shop talking about 19th-century water transport, but then, I’m a geek.

We got home well before dark and had an all-American meal of burgers and fries. Well, chicken burgers, and fries nobody wanted because we’d already had a bunch of them downtown, watermelon, tortilla chips and salsa, enough ice cream to float a boat. Then there was a long slow wait for it to get reasonably dark, and time for fireworks. Nobody lost any appendages this year, and we were finished before the entire neighborhood began to come under what sounded like an artillery barrage. The kids enjoyed it mightily until the mosquitoes bravely rallied through the smoke and sulfur, so we went inside. Everyone was tired and happy. I was actually mellow for the first time I can remember on the Fourth, but that might have been the consequence of two glasses of red wine and a bit of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

I put the kids to bed, wrote out a list of things I’m declaring my independence from, and toddled off to sleep. All in all, it was a grand day.

This week I’m pushing to get the zero draft of Sacrifice done, so I might not be around as much. I’m in that stage where I want to finish the damn book and everything that keeps me from doing so is an annoyance at best. My patience, never a quality much in evidence even at the best of times, must be carefully husbanded so I don’t snap at people who are Just Trying To Help, or who Actually Live With Me And Don’t Deserve Crap. It will be a great relief when I finally bring Dru’s adventure’s to their natural endpoint.

Hope your Fourth was as fun and relaxing as mine, dear Reader. And now, back to the grindstone. That’s one thing I haven’t declared independence from. I’m glad to have the luxury of largely choosing my chains.

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