Good To Be

Want to see how the cover for the new Dante Valentine omnibus was shot? There’s a behind-the-scenes video over on the Orbit site. Pretty cool, huh? The omnibus will be out in March ‘11, and as soon as preorders are available I’ll let you guys know.

Yesterday I was pretty much an action hero. I made 10 climbs, 4 of them on 5.8s, which are about the top of my ability right now. Next week my climbing partner and I are going to attempt a 5.9, which will involve a lot more technique and I’m sure a great deal of those sharp sounds of frustration I make when I fall off the wall. But 5.9 is where the serious amateurs start seeing difference in the climbs, I’m told, so it will be challenging and fun. But that’s not why I was a hero–I took people to the airport and saved the day in a situation involving an oil change, for which I was kissed. On the cheek, but still. It’s nice to be appreciated–and it’s good to be competent.

Today is the last day of public school before the summer break, and I’m kind of glad. I miss my kids something fierce during the day. I do cherish my alone time, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to have them home and underfoot. Come September I’ll be glad of a break from having them underfoot, sure. But they’re amazing human beings and they’re young for so short a time. I kind of want to cherish every single bit of it ow that they’re both past those first three years.

The first three years of motherhood are akin to endless Navy SEAL training. Except there’s no R&R time and you can’t drop out if you want to. These little humans are depending on you for everything, and it’s a real trial by fire even if you’re prepared for it. I’m glad I did it, I wouldn’t take a single day of it back, but…I’m still glad that hill is behind me. Next come the foothills of adolescence, where I’m sure I’ll be utterly cool one day and utterly uncool and the Worst Person In The History Of The Universe the next.

“This may surprise you,” I told the Princess the other day, “but I was, indeed, your age once. And I haven’t forgotten what it was like.”

Gods grant that gives me the strength and the sense of humor to deal with her navigating those rocky waters. Heh.

And as usual, there’s a ton of non-writing work, and the writing work. All in all, I’m looking at a gallop straight for the finish line today, and will probably fall into bed exhausted.

Which, well…I like. It’s good to be me today.

I hope it’s good to be you today too.

Over and out.

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