Tonight At Powell’s

I love my writing partner, because she sends me little links, like this one to a zebra-striped cake. Which I can dial up for birthdays next year.

I’m gearing up for tonight, when I’ll be at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s, at 7PM sharp, with fellow Dame Devon Monk and Ilona and Gordon Andrews. I’ve decided I’m going to read from Heaven’s Spite, the upcoming Jill Kismet book. I can only answer some questions about Jealousy, so please understand if I say “I can’t answer that.”

I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces out in Beaverton. Be prepared to, um, see a bit less of me, guys. I look a little different now.

Today is largely going to be spent writing–the fifth Dru book has reached 30K and taken a left-turn into the dark place where the story starts wiggling like a live thing of its own accord. This is pretty much where the magic begins happening, and one of my favorite times in a book’s creation. It’s going to be hard to pull myself away tonight.

See you at Powell’s!

ETA: Yes, there will be at least 5 Dru books. I’m hard at work on #5 right now.

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