The Triple-Team Powell’s Pwnage

Well, that was the busiest week I’ve had in a while. And it’s only Thursday.

The Powell’s event was spectacular! If you were there and took pictures, please consider posting them on my Facebook fan page. I’d love to see them! There are some pics here, and Ilona Andrews blogged about the event. (There is Stealth Video of Ilona, it’s fabulous. She and Gordon are SO. CUTE. You just don’t even know.) Dame Devon Monk and I always get along like a house on fire, and I got to meet her kidlings and her husband.

I also got nominated for moderator duty, so I strapped on my katana and moderated my little heart out. I don’t think the power went to my head at all. Bwahahahaha. Oh, sorry. Did that evil laugh escape me?

Thanks to everyone who came–especial thanks to:

* Dina James, who brought evil cupcakes and a care package for me. Dina is truly evil. Not just kind of evil, like me. *grin*
* Flinx and his lovely wife-you guys are awesome.
* The ever-wonderful Marne, who told me how beautiful I am. *primps hair*
* Reader Shelly H, who made me cry in a good way. Still swingin’ for you, kid.
* My writing partner, who was front-row supportive like a Wonderbra.
* Teacher Diane–I finally got to apologize for swearing in front of her class. Sorry, Diane!
* The Martian Mooncrab, who brought me swag and also brought me a ton of research material. You’re a rock star, kid.

Thanks are also due to Saint Peter H. and Miles, the wonderful event organizers who made everything go smoothly; and to Powell’s as a whole. And thank you, very much, to everyone who came out into the rain and the cold to see us. It was wonderful to see so many fans, and the audience was very kind. There were many good questions–like how a writer deals with juggling several different projects (answer: pure panic) and what we do when characters won’t behave (answer: kill them. Ha. I’m not joking. Much.) And a shout-out to the very young Duncan, aspiring writer–no, I wasn’t offended, I was actually happy to hear the feedback, and I think you did fine.

Now, there was some Smack-Talking after the event between Dame Devon and me. Seems she and I might be running a contest with the leftover signed books from the event. We’re still working out the details, but I want to prepare you all: she fights mean, and honor (plus lunch) is on the line. So stretch out and get ready for a Dame BookFight! Details to follow.

I returned home that night exhausted but very happy. Events are draining, but they’re also a kick–there’s nothing like seeing the fans face to face and talking about these cool things we both enjoy.

I also went rock climbing this morning, and made it to the ledge. The ledge has been my goal for some weeks now, and it was incredible to finally make it. Between that and the public speaking I’ve been doing lately, I rather feel I’ve been fighting dragons. I’m looking forward to resting a bit.

Over and out!

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