From One Terror To The Next

Yesterday was the Ooligan Press event, I had a great time. Public speaking terrifies me like almost nothing else; I’m always soaked with sweat and trembling after any sort of appearance, especially one where I have to speak for more than five minutes. I have a much better time with panels or readings, since there’s some give-and-take. Anyway, the event was awesome; the Ooligan Press people were so nice, helpful, and supportive. Thanks, guys! You rock.

I did have an exotic moment of sheer terror when I realized Chuck Palahniuk–who is a very nice guy–was sitting in the front row writing stuff down while I spoke. I think he was working on a story, but my brain threatened to freeze. Fortunately I had my notes, so I just made a joke about bodily noises and kept going.

Yeah, I’m like that.

I also got to meet the incredible Virginia Euwer Wolff, who was an absolute delight. The questions from the audience were good, too–everything from “do you think of your target audience while you write?” to “I have kids and I need to write. What do I do?” I’m told there will be a podcast-type thing where you can listen to all the talks; as soon as that goes live I’ll link to it here. I am also told there were photos taken. (Eep!) All in all, that has to be one of the most pleasant events I’ve ever attended, and I hope they invite me back.

Driving home was a bit of a letdown–two hours in traffic no matter which bridge I chose, so I ended up getting Indian food as a reward. Can’t complain–and I was endlessly grateful to have a decent car now. It made the stop and go traffic (mostly stop) bearable because I wasn’t worrying about my vehicle exploding. (Thanks, Subaru Shawn!)

Tomorrow I’ll be at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s, at 7PM sharp, with fellow Dame Devon Monk and Ilona and Gordon Andrews. I think there will be readings, and I have no fricking idea what to read, so I’ll pick a bit from Heaven’s Spite and a bit from Jealousy and make the audience decide. For I am evil.

Today will be spent running errands and tossing a chunk of about two thousand words from the Dru book in process; I think I want to take it in a different direction than I initially proposed. This happens far more often than I like to admit. Sometimes you just have to go a little way down the path to determine it isn’t the path you want to follow. In writing, you can always turn around and go back. It’s a shame life isn’t more like that.

Over and out!

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