Events in May

On Saturday I had my second rock climbing class. This one was technique and actual climbing instead of the belay certification. Four hours of climbing. We took breaks, but still. I was completely hashed by the end of it–I kept dropping my car keys because my fingers wouldn’t work right, and my knees are still bruised and skinned from the wall.

And I loved every second of it.

This week I’ve got copyedits and more wordcount to get out than I know what to do with. Fortunately it looks like the copyeditor is one I’ve had before, so she’s used to my little fiddles and indiscretions on the page. Getting a good smooth rhythm going with one’s copyeditor is like a great sparring match–you catch and ride the wave of the other person’s responses so it’s more like dancing than fighting. That’s not a good simile, because a copyeditor isn’t the enemy. They are, however, a good practice partner that can prepare your book for the battle it will encounter out on the shelf and in the head of a reader.

In addition, I have events coming up!

* On Sunday, May 23, I will be speaking at the Ooligan Press Write to Publish event. Other writers like Ursula LeGuin and Chuck Palahniuk, will also be speaking. A great time will be had by all!

* And on Tuesday, May 25:

That’s right. The fabulous Devon Monk, the utterly awesome Ilona Andrews, and yours truly will be at the Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s at 7pm. (The links on our names will take you to preordering copies of the books we’re signing. There will also be backlist available for signing.) There will be general craziness–between the Dame power of Devon and my and the complete and total coolness that is Ilona (and Gordon!), it promises to be a great event. (Check out my Events Calendar for more info.)

Whew. That’s going to be busy. *braces self*

Now off I go to spar with some more copyedits.

ETA: Huh. Just looked and figured out this is a new copyeditor, and he’s a he, not a she. My apologies.

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