Dame Smackdown!

Remember how I said there was some smack talk going on at the Powell’s event between Dame Devon and me?

Well, that smack talk has borne fruit. We are in the middle of a Dame Smackdown! Honor, lunch, and an excerpt are all on the line.

Here’s the deal. There are 15 signed copies of Flesh Circus, the latest Jill Kismet book. There are 15 signed copies of Magic on the Storm, the latest Allie Beckstrom. Devon and I have challenged each other: whoever has the most books sold by midnight next Sunday–June 6th–OR whoever’s signed copies sell out first, is the winner.

The winner will post an excerpt of an upcoming book on the loser’s blog. (I may be persuaded to post an excerpt of Jealousy.) The loser buys the winner lunch. Plus, there’s bragging rights involved. (I ADORE bragging rights.)

So now, dear Readers, it’s up to you. Our honor is at stake. If you’ve ever wanted a signed copy of a Kismet or Beckstrom book, now is a great chance! (Powell’s ships worldwide, too. I’m just sayin’.) If you decide to buy, make sure you use the links above, they’ll take you right to the signed editions in question.

Let the battle begin!

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