Just a quick in and out today, dear Readers. I managed to get 3K+ out yesterday, which means today is for trimming and cleaning and getting another respectable 2-3K of fresh wordcount. Yes, I’m aiming high. I finally have some emotional energy to burn, and it’s all going to go into the work. Safest place for it, I think.

I’ve had a productive morning, including a wild fling with a double-tall skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte. It’s ridiculous to say–unless I’m ordering just two shots and a little half-n-half to cut it, I feel like all floofy ordering coffee. The sugar-free syrup is going to displease my stomach, but the caffeine is so good I don’t care. I need some little indulgences to make up for the severe calorie restriction. Rewarding myself is the only way to make sure I stick with it.

So. I’ve got my techno music on, my heroine covered in mud and blood, betrayal lurking around every corner, and my hair is actually behaving today. All systems go, ready for liftoff, pedal to the metal and rubber to the road.


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