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Let The Story Bloom

Tired today. Not sure if the coffee will help. I know I’ll sleep well tonight, but that doesn’t really help when I’m longing so hard for just a little more sleep. Maybe the treadmill will shake the cobwebs out of my head.

*time passes*

Yeah, I just started a blog post and wandered away. I’m not firing on all cylinders this morning. Or more precisely, I am, but the story living in my head is taking up about half of the cylinders. I’m in that weird in-between space where a story is germinating. It looks like it’s just laying there, but it’s actually really busy under the surface putting itself together. I can even hear it, like Morlock machinery in the dark.

Selene has changed. I guess a century or so of living on your own and working as a mercenary will do that. It’s nice to see–I could have just about strangled her, before. Poor character, wanting to control her own destiny. Doesn’t she know that’s MY job? *maniacal laugh*

It’s a sunny morning, and I’m a little tired. So I’m just going to take it really easy today and let the story bloom. Some things you just can’t rush. If there’s one useful thing I’ve learned in the past (however many) years of doing this for a living, it’s that feeling or weird breathless rumbling while the subconscious engine puts together the rest of a story, right before the rumble breaks up out of the earth’s crust and downloads itself through your fingers.

Catch you later.

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