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Tuesday’s Child Gets Distracted

Some linkspam this Tuesday, since I’ve spent the day running all sorts of errands. I did break for a lovely lunch, and came home to find a picture had arrived. So all in all, a good day. But still, I’m itching and aching to get back to the story, and resenting the interruption of Life Stuff That Must Be Done.


* Realthog on Swiftprobers. When Thog (otherwise known as John Grant/Paul Barnett) gets out his katana to face down some idiocy, it’s always a good time.

* If Star Wars was an Icelandic saga. No, really. Really. The Selkie gave this to me a couple nights ago, and it about broke my brain. I replied with Monty Python moose jokes. I, uh, guess you had to be there.

* Phillip Palmer asks if urban fantasy is REALLY all about sex. While I don’t quite completely agree with his analysis of the Valentine series, I don’t disagree with some points he makes. And hey, there’s room enough for all sorts of different analyses of Danny and Japh’s relationship and its importance in the series, so there it is.

There you go. If you trek on over to those places, play nice in the comments, mmmkay? I’m off to do some cleanup on the 4K I wrote yesterday, most likely while I drink some coffee and ruminate on just how good lunch was. Nummy.

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