I Get A Day Off

Yesterday I finished the zero draft of Strange Angels 4, tentatively now titled Defiance. I thought it would take into the middle of this week at least, but yesterday 3.5+K bolted out of my head and took me to the finish line. Sometimes a book does that–sneaks up on one. The zero draft is clocking in at a shade over 62K, which means it’ll break 68-70 when I get the first draft revisions in.

Now my brain, she is broken. I’ve talked before about this–the dynamo inside my head, my energies bent on finishing the book, is now spinning aimlessly. You’ve got to give it time to slow down to a reasonable speed again.

So today is that most rare and magical of creatures, a Day Off. I’ll poke at a trunk novel to keep my hand in, but I won’t look to achieve much.

I scored a DVD of the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoons. It’s hysterical, especially since I watched it when I was young. Like Monk noted, “It’s amazing they did a D&D cartoon with no sharp things.” There was an episode with Lloth the Spider Queen; I snorted and actually yelled, “If they put Drizzt Do’urden in here I’m just gonna DIE!”

The kids both said, “Huh?” And I felt old and geeky. Not a bad combination, since when I told Monk about it he immediately cracked up and agreed. I may be old and geeky, but at least I’m not alone.

Now, I’ve got some relaxing to do as the dynamo in my head slows down. *twitch* *twitch* Because tomorrow it’s wordcount on the short story due…eep, at the end of next month! Oh, Lord. No rest for the wicked.

Catch you later.

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