Hello, Strange Angels!

strange-angels-coverToday is the release date for my first young adult book, Strange Angels. This is the book I refer to as “Supernatural meets Buffy, with a dash of Appalachian folk magic and some Eastern European folklore thrown in. Oh, and Vampire Hunter D.” (You can find the blurb here.)

The initial image for this book was a teenage girl in her kitchen, staring at the back door. She was surrounded by boxes, and she was terrified. Then the angle moved around, and I got a glimpse of the back door, and I realized why she was scared–she was looking at a zombie. And that zombie used to be her father.

I worked on the story off and on, finding out about this girl. Then one opportune day my agent called and said, “Can you do young adult?”

I said, “I can, but it probably won’t get published. It’s got patricide in the first five chapters, and it’s not even finish–”

“Send it.”

So I did. Lo and behold, the book sold. I never thought I’d do YA, because of the darkness (and profanity) that shines through all my work. (Maybe “shines” isn’t the right word.) Besides, there’s my utter unwillingness to dial back on either (because the world is a dark place and hey, people say naughty words) to consider, too. And yet it happened, and I had a great time writing this book.

Now all the work and the waiting has come to an end. There’s a giveaway over at Darque Reviews, and you can find Strange Angels at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powell’s, Indiebound, and Amazon.

And I hope you like it. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Dru Anderson and Strange Angels. I loved writing it, and I’ll close with the same offer I make every time: Come in. Sit down. Let me tell you a story…