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    Hi lily,

    I read The Iron Worm Affair when it first came out and soon there will be four books in the series! This question is less about the books and more about your writing process. How do you write so much so quickly?

    Do you have a set number of days in the week or hours in the day that you always write? I’m just curious. Either way, keep them coming please :)

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    Lili Saintcrow

    Hello there!

    I write all day. It’s like a job: get up in the morning, get kids to school, go to work. I do have the flexibility to take a morning run, and also to go for a walk if things need to be shaken loose. But I treat it like a job. My place is to be at the keyboard, ready and waiting for the Muse. It works out to 10-hour workdays, mostly. Extra time is taken up with things like edits and proofs, answering email, being available to fans on the website, that sort of stuff. Daily effort (I rarely take even a weekend day off) is what I aim for.

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