Delayed Gratification Success

The book launch for Latimer’s Law was a roaring success. I made plenty of coffees, my writing partner read from the first chapter of her book, and I got to see so many old friends–former writing students, and poets, and people familiar from all the community events Cover to Cover hosts. I was also called […]

On Growing Up

Today’s going to be furiously active. There’s a tempo run, a call with the agent, the dogs need kibble, the cats probably do too because I don’t want any of them eating my face, editing to get out the door, and buckling down to revising Gallow and the first three chapters of the upcoming Fireside […]

The Week In Trundles

Living with a bulldog is an exotic experience. Let’s take a look at what Odd Trundles has done just in this past week: * Helped Miss B eat a half-stick of butter. To be fair, I think it was knocked off the counter by the Little Prince in the frenzy of table-clearing that follows dinner […]