Just Bad Manners

So I went on a Diablo III jag last night, and ended up finding a rainbow goblin, which let me into Whimsyshire. I ended up shooting chubby unicorns, bouncing teddy bears, happy little flowers, all into bloody piles of meat. It was incredibly satisfying. The rest of the game is okay. I’m still learning, so […]

The Hungry Well

Spent the morning in a clinic waiting room–no, not for me, I’m fine. Offering moral support. (Though, as always, I’m not so sure how good I am at being moral.) A waiting room is full of raw material. You see so much–the harried mother with five children, the elderly couple who alternate reading newspaper articles […]

A Warm Hand

On certain summer mornings, sunshine comes in through my office window between nine and ten. It’s a warm hand on my shoulder while I answer emails or think about the day’s upcoming work. Most times I’ve already turned in my morning run, so it’s a reminder of pounding along with the wind in my hair. […]