A Temporary Thing

Tax day! I have never, ever been so glad for my accountant. Every time I see her I want to hug her. She’s bemused by this, of course–mostly, people see her as the bearer of bad news around this time of year. For me, however, she’s saving me from hours and hours of stress my […]

Pliny and God

It’s telling that Pliny deals with the earth and sun first, and whatever gods there are next. It makes me want to set him down with a deist or two and listen to the conversation, though Pliny is definitely not a deist by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, he takes aim at his contemporary […]

Success Is Process

Yesterday I finished the zero draft of Agent Zero, otherwise known as “the spy and the waitress that I wrote for Mel Sterling thing.” Consequently my brain feels like Swiss cheese right now, and runny Swiss cheese at that. Nevertheless, the new project–Rattlesnake Wind, a YA that probably won’t ever see publication–is burning a hole […]

The Nature of Pliny’s World

We’re approaching the edge of the suburbs now. If you look out your windows on either side, you’ll see the modern world fading bit by bit. (Except for the tracks, of course. And the train.) We are invisible to the outside, so please do keep your hands and feet! Accidents can happen–we had a passenger […]