Too Soon To Tell

I finished Killer Elite last night, and am attempting Ulysses next. Which will be a tiny bit of a change, I’m sure. Joyce doesn’t interest me as much as he probably could–except for his love letters to Nora–mostly because he’s one of the Dead White Men of Litrachur. (And frankly, Nora’s vanished letters interest me […]

Simple, Not Easy

It’s a cold morning. I did glance up and see the entire east sky a rather disconcerting shade of pink behind the cedars, a sight so arresting I watched until the color bled away. It didn’t take long–Aurora is a vibrant goddess, but she moves very quickly. By the time she’s gone and Sol has […]

Two Awesome Things

Yesterday two utterly awesome things happened. The smaller awesome thing: I finished the zero draft of Rattlesnake Wind. That was my NaNoWriMo goal this year, and it happened. The book has been tormenting me for YEARS and it’s finally, finally done. It’s no longer unfinished. It is an ex-partial. It will be put in a […]

Inside and Out

The wind’s still up, combing the firs and pines, stripping away weak or dead limbs. This morning there was frost on the threshold, and the weather report says something about snow or “winter precipitation.” Given how everyone around here drives at the sight of a white flake or two, it’s probably best to stay off […]