Home Ec

Home ec classes used to be pretty cool. Then, the food industry happened. The convenience food industry that’s so powerful and entrenched today was just taking root in the 1950s. And as it began to aggressively market its products to a growing US middle class, it faced “one real obstacle,” Moss writes: the “army of […]

Poor Mr. Krahulik

So…let me get this straight. You’re a popular voice in an already-toxic-for-females gaming industry. You make a comic strip that hinges on a rape joke*. People who have been raped, or who live with the ever-present consideration of that potential threat, don’t find it hilarious. In fact, they find it downright awful, and they say […]

News, And A Public Request

My office is slowly taking on reasonably organized dimensions. Bandit and Critic aren’t as freaked out by this as I thought they would be–if the change is occurring outside their habitat, they don’t care. Also, as long as it doesn’t interfere with snacktime. Snacktime is sacred. News! I’ll be signing at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s […]

I Hope Gandhi Is Right

So there was Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg being sexist assholes. Jim Hines kindly put together a linkblog on the responses. (Incidentally, John Scalzi stepped up, as SFWA president, LIKE A BOSS.) Andrea Phillips notes the sea change. We have enough critical mass behind gender equality now that ongoing reports of sexism are being treated […]