Ignoring May Not Work

So this morning started with me doing up spam protection for the website and, not so pleasant a chore, sending an email to Twitter support. Funny that my Twitter account is visible on my website, my Amazon books page, Facebook, and everywhere else…but they want me to send in a scan of my driver’s license […]

Home Ec

Home ec classes used to be pretty cool. Then, the food industry happened. The convenience food industry that’s so powerful and entrenched today was just taking root in the 1950s. And as it began to aggressively market its products to a growing US middle class, it faced “one real obstacle,” Moss writes: the “army of […]

Poor Mr. Krahulik

So…let me get this straight. You’re a popular voice in an already-toxic-for-females gaming industry. You make a comic strip that hinges on a rape joke*. People who have been raped, or who live with the ever-present consideration of that potential threat, don’t find it hilarious. In fact, they find it downright awful, and they say […]