On Hannibal

So I’ve been watching season one of Hannibal in little bits and pieces. I’m glad to watch it without commercials, but I can’t help but note what years of not watching television has done to my perceptions. I look at the women and think, “Christ, Mikkelson, make them a burger or something,” and, in a […]

Want me to write a book?

Well, actually, a serial, that will be released in ebook form (kind of like Selene)? Then hie thee hence to Fireside Magazine’s Year Three Kickstarter. If we reach our goal, I’ll be writing an ongoing serial based on my last Fireside story, Maternal Type. Which means cyborgs, bloodsuckers, train heists, Wild West shootouts, and a […]

At The Station

The Pliny Train is now boarding. *long low whistle* I’m working from Loeb Classical Library’s editions, and starting at Books 1-2 of Pliny’s Natural History. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, direct from Harvard, Indiebound) As we check our luggage and visit the restroom one last time, climb aboard and find a congenial seat (since this is […]

All Aboard The Pliny Train

Can anyone guess what this is? It’s THE PLINY TRAIN. You’re looking at Loeb Classical Library’s ten-volume set of Pliny the Elder‘s Natural History. Which I’m going to do a read-along of, right here on this very blog. Lest you think this will be boring, oh my chickadees, let me school you. Pliny the Elder […]