So That Happened

Last week was a little rough. I can at least hold my head up, so to speak. Taking the high road and behaving well is not just for the internets, folks. Plus, there were hijinks! Not by me, no. When the Selkie does her post about it I’ll be able to say more, but she […]


Dawn, again. The cavies are burbling softly. It’s kind of nice having them in the office, even if they’re weird little rodent critters. Still, since I’ve taken over caring for them (yes, I know, look, the kid was eleven, of COURSE he thought cavies were a fine idea and promised to care for them) I […]

Sheer Enraged Entitlement

My hair’s reaching that point where it won’t lie down, it just sticks straight up like I have a sink scrubber on my head. More about that tomorrow, I don’t feel up to writing the whole thing now. Today will be another 80+ degree day. GO HOME, OCTOBER. YOU’RE DRUNK. There’s been some talk lately […]

Preorder PACK!

Psst! Wanna preorder a brand-new short story by yours truly? That’s right, PACK is now available for preorder through Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and soon Google Play! (Kindle people, I’m sorry, but Amazon is still being greedy, so it’s not up for preorder there.) If you’d like an excerpt, you can read one here. […]

A Bike, A Squirrel, A Levitating Man

Tarzan’s a funny one. Does dishes, cleans gutters, takes the rubbish out. After so long with the ex, who couldn’t be bothered, and afterwards just doing it myself, it’s been a bit of a change. A welcome one, but my default is still to do things on my own, which drives Tarzan to distraction. This […]