Preparing To Fire

Today the bipedal residents of Chez Saintcrow go forth to slay dragons, pillage villages, and– *is handed slip of paper* –oh. Um. Okay. I mean, today is the day we go in search of supplies for the Glorious Fourth, including some gunpowder-related packets. There will be no huge booming issuing forth from our cannons this […]


We’ve gone out past the Moon in Pliny’s universe. He regards the Moon as being on the edge between atmosphere (though I’m not sure he would understand that term in the sense we use it) and into the “regions of clear light” he imagines the other heavenly bodies reside in. He’s more concerned, however, with […]

Booty Monday

I cannot stop listening to this. If that doesn’t go goddamn viral, I shall be VERY DISAPPOINTED. And of course it couldn’t be a Booty Monday without this. Let’s also get a little Fette’s Vette in there, too… Shake that thing, because hips don’t lie. Seriously, people who don’t get blown away by Shakira don’t […]


I took no pride in my solitude, but I was dependent on it. –Charles Bukowski, Factotum I went mostly-dark yesterday. Every once in a while one just has to clean everything out, retreat inside. Do only the bare minimum of email-checking or popping online to get the news. I didn’t realize how much of my […]