End of April, and the weather forecasters are telling us eighty degrees. (That’s between twenty-six and twenty-nine for you Celsius folks.) Beltane is going to be like August, for God’s sake, and right after that we go back to mid-sixties, as is normal and reasonable this time of year. GO HOME, WEATHER, YOU’RE DRUNK. The […]

A Productive Wallow

So yesterday I had a good bit of a wallow. Yes, I actually scheduled my wallow in self-doubt, pity, and questioning. And dumped out 2K wordcount on the suspense-romance I’m doing for my writing partner. It was a most productive wallow. So now, instead of finishing Bannon & Clare in Hong Kong, I’m working on […]

Changing Midstream

So…things have now been decided. The Ripper Affair will be the last Bannon & Clare book. Which is fine; my plans were for Bannon & Clare to go traveling, and I’ve been working on the “B&C in Hong Kong” book for a couple months now, but that can go in a drawer. Unfortunately, the numbers […]

Samples and Practice

The piano lessons proceed apace. Daily practice is sometimes frustrating–for example, a simple adaptation of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik makes my brain cramp something fierce, and it’s taken me three days to get to the point where I can pick out a reasonable facsimile of it. Still, there’s progress, and I’m in the process of deciding […]