I Found Out

Things I found out this weekend: * I don’t like Savoy cabbage in my sauerkraut. The texture’s just not for me. It’s kind of a relief to find a fermented cabbage I don’t like. Now I feel much younger. * Odd Trundles thinks giant daffodil bulbs are for snacking. WTF, dog? * Sleeping with the […]

Harvest Season

It smells like autumn this morning. Leaf mold, rain-wet, and the brass-colored note of harvest season. And SquirrelTerror is funded! I am still blown away by the response. There are still perks left, so you can still get in on those before the end of the month. Anything over the initial funding amount will go […]

Time To Wake Up

Diplomacy is difficult. Especially when you’re explaining to a giant forest full of pixies and Miyazaki-esque kodama that a nuclear winter is going to happen. I mean, I get what the kodama said–their home is the trees, and the trees can’t exactly run away, but… …yeah, with dreams like that, it was definitely time to […]


WE WILL EAT YOUR SOOOOOOOOUL. I often take pictures of owls and send them to a friend. This one got a full 10 minutes of silence before my phone buzzed. “Is it just me or are they kind of creepy?” To which I replied, “It’s not just you. They’re creepy as fuck.” “Oh. Good. I […]

Perception, Memory, Attention, Habit

You stop smelling violets after a while; the receptors in your nose get tired. Which makes me think about perception–the things we get tired of seeing and so ignore, or the things that numb us into acceptance. Sharp moments of recognition and absurdity that open doors, and how fleeting they are. I’ve begun to be […]