Possibly Pickaxe

This morning we went from “everyone dies in a Vocaloid” to “how does one ‘casually’ pick up a pickaxe anyway?” (We were talking about Hetalia Russia. Well, the Princess was. I was listening.) I love being a mother. There’s just no other job that compares. Good morning! The last week of school proceeds apace. I’m […]

Too Close To See

Revisions on the first Gallow book are back with the editor. It will probably need another pass, since I’m too close to the book to see it clearly. This is part of the reason editors are critical to quality control–no matter how good a writer you are, you’re still too close to the bloody book […]

I Found Out

Things I found out this weekend: * I don’t like Savoy cabbage in my sauerkraut. The texture’s just not for me. It’s kind of a relief to find a fermented cabbage I don’t like. Now I feel much younger. * Odd Trundles thinks giant daffodil bulbs are for snacking. WTF, dog? * Sleeping with the […]